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One client of ours ‘Focus Fitness’ took the phone number 1300 FOCUS FIT. Out of making this change they received an extra $31,200 worth of sales in just 2 months.

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Phone number names are up to 14 times more effective than phone numbers generating phone enquiries because they’re much easier to remember.

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“Profits That Lie Hidden in Your Phone Number Name”

Discover How Ordinary Business Owners Like You Are Uncovering Huge New Profits through the Power of a ‘Phone Word’ and 1300 Numbers

A phone word or phone number name is simply choosing your phone number so that it spells your brand name. For example our phone number is 1300 EASY DIAL.

These phone number names are quite new to the Australian market and are only available to small businesses through our innovative licensing plan (before that the cost was too prohibitive so only the big corporations could use them).

The phone is seen as one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment. Therefore, it would be only be right to utilize one of the best services on the market currently, Phone Words and 1300 Numbers. As a business owner in Australia one cannot afford to be left behind in our extremely competitive environment. 

Imagine how much easier it would be to make sales while making it easy for your customers to reach you. The redirect functionality, should you not be in the office, proves to be an effective way to ensure you never miss that all important sales call. 

There is some surprising research that currently shows how incredibly effective phone words are. Studies show they are up to 14 times easier to remember than regular phone numbers and can boost incoming call volumes by as much as 300%. In one study, a radio ad featuring a Phoneword produced an amazing 1400% more sales leads than the “phone number” version.

Can you handle the business coming your way? Be prepared for it! Do not be surprised to find your phone ringing all the time. You may even have to employ someone to handle all your calls for you, which is easy to achieve when using our service due to the redirect facilities made available. 

On the other hand, you do not need to have a whole team of sales people doing the footwork for you in terms of getting people interested in your products or services. Your phoneword is a very powerful advertising tool and packs a punch in creating an awareness about your brand. Besides, companies tend to spend 1000′s of dollars every year to try and get people to remember their phone numbers. Thanks to phone words, this is no longer necessary. 

The power is in your hands to increase your bottom line exponentially through jumping on the new marketing wagon known as phone words. Make it easy on yourself and your customers! Get your phone word today before your competitors beat you to it! Imagine how well you would be perceived by your prospects if you do

This is a much easier and cheaper way for you to get the competitive edge than employing more sales people or doing more expensive marketing.

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