Because there is no one to one correlation between a phone number and a particular Phone Word, there is no priority given based on a phone number spelling a particular business name.


As such, a phone number that spells a particular business name will also spell many other things including company names, brand names, generic words, and word combinations.


There are 3 to 4 letters on each number key on your telephone keypad. This means that every Phone Word will translate from 729 to 4096 different word combinations.


For example, the telephone number 1300 468 763 spells the following combinations:


  • 1300 HOT ROD
  • 1300 GOURMET
  • 1300 INTRODUCE
  • and many more!


National Dial A Word Registry license and sell telephone numbers only, irrespective of what the numbers translate to.

It is the responsibility of the company with the rights/enhanced rights to the Phone Word on how it is displayed/advertised.

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