Going for 1300 Business Numbers that Make Redirection Easy for You

Acquiring one of many 1300 numbers is now seen as a necessary option to help customers reach out right away to a business owner regarding a product or service. As Chase Chekita said in the Toll Free blog, a 1300 … Continued

Special Phone Words for Real Estate Brokers: Making Things Unique

Any real estate agent will use every option possible to better position themselves as the more reliable resources compared to other agents. One way to get there is to assemble some unique phone words to accurately label your business. In … Continued

Getting 1800 or 1300 Numbers for Business Requires a Lot of Planning

If you’re aiming to have more customers calling you up for sales inquiries or to start arranging a new deal, some business advisers may recommend you have custom numbers for dedicated lines. It can be either a 1800 number or … Continued

Using the Right Smart Numbers to Help in Customers’ Memory Recall

Marketing your business to customers requires leaving much of an impact to help them remember where to find you and how to reach you. One way to do so is to make new smart numbers and make sure customers dial … Continued

Phone Words: The Difference Between 1800 Numbers and 1300 Numbers

Now that a lot of people are relying more on their mobile phones, it’s important to provide contact details that can be easily remembered by anyone, and getting phone words for your business is one sure way to become memorable. … Continued

What’s Your 1300 Number? Choosing Memorable Phone Words for Business

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important, and are an important mode of communication in the modern world. In this fast-paced and ever-changing times dominated by portable, handheld gadgets, making your brand memorable is one sure way of enticing prospective consumers … Continued

Why Phone Words Really Matter for Your Brand

Selecting the right phone words is imperative if you hope to establish a powerful brand name for yourself. It has to have a distinct personality in order to explain why customers need to do business with you. So, the words … Continued

Connect to Your World Using Smart Number

The benefits in using smart numbers to connect your world are far to numerous to cover them all. Key features that prove to be very attractive to small and medium sized business owners would be:

Leverage the Full Power of 1300 Numbers

Now is as good a time as any to mean business by leveraging the full power of 1300 numbers. Being in possession of a 1300 number as a small business owner in Australia is the best way to boost your … Continued

Benefit Your Business with Phone Number Names

Phone number names carry a range of benefits to serve your business interests. It will definitely benefit both your staff (Outsourced or not) and the business you’re in. How Phone Number Names will Benefit Your Staff You or your staff … Continued

Phone Names Make Closing Sales Easy

In order to make money, you need to close deals. Having phone names at your disposal makes this so much easier. If you think about the modern buyer, you will realize it is more about attraction marketing than ever before. … Continued

Smart Numbers for Businesses: A Highly Effective Marketing Strategy

Businesses invest in many marketing and advertising solutions to ensure that consumers can easily identify them among the vast number of companies in a highly competitive industry. Some of these solutions are broadcast media, search engine optimisation, and promotions. Among … Continued

1800 Numbers for Businesses Encourage More Interaction with Customers

It is essential for any business to have a dedicated phone line so customers can easily reach it for queries or feedback. Many companies use 1800 numbers or toll-free numbers as a marketing strategy to encourage interaction with their customers. … Continued

For Greater Returns, Choose Your Business Phone Words Effectively

Business phone words provide significant marketing benefits. When urgently needed, they facilitate easier recall, 14 times better than numbers do. If ingeniously crafted, they impress the clients, and when used with other forms of advertisement such as posters and radio … Continued

Phone numbers rather than phone words

It sure is so much easier to recall 1300 Spanner than 1300 772 6637. This is due to the abstract and random random nature of phone numbers that makes is harder to remember, which poses more of a challenge, especially … Continued

Why Are 1300 Numbers Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

If defining your personal or business image is important to you, then 1300 numbers might be just the thing you need. 1300 phone words promote a new level of communication that is individual and relationship enhancing. As a business tool, … Continued

Why 1300 Phone Numbers Work

Studies showed that 1300 phone numbers have the ability to increase response rates obtained from advertising by more than 400%. How much easier isn’t it to remember phone numbers like 1300 PLASTER that got advertised on radio compared to say … Continued

Why 1300 numbers using phone words are so valuable

Now you can make your business stand out as different through using 1300 numbers. Phone words has taken Australia by storm. 1300 phone words are also known as vanity 800 number in the USA. It is the alphanumeric equivalent of … Continued

Using 1300 Phone Numbers as Your Own Powerful Marketing Tool

Larger businesses are often seen using 1300 numbers in Australia as their contact number. Smaller companies followed suite by attaching a 1300 number to their business name to make them appear like they are part of a larger corporation. Both … Continued

Things to Take Note of with regards to 1300 Number Word Marketing

Seen to be one of the biggest benefits to 1300 numbers word marketing is that the message in the form of a phone word will reach masses of people all at once. This is far more powerful than radio or … Continued

The Role Phone Words Such as 1300 Numbers Play in Promoting Your Brand

Companies and those wishing to promote their brand find that there are more than one way to accomplish this, especially if you have 1300 numbers at your disposal. Some of the ways businesses incorporate into their marketing plan involves using … Continued

The Numerous Advantages Associated with 1300 Phone Numbers

Businesses who promote their products and services using 1300 numbers share various qualities among themselves, such as the following:   A better focus towards customer satisfaction in ease of contactability. The ability to deliver value and realize their vision without … Continued

The Amazing Hidden Power of 1300 Numbers as Phone Words

We tend to underestimate the power words have, especially 1300 numbers. It is simply amazing how words get to set a tone. Remarkably, certain words can either make or break someone’s day for them. It can either inspire you to … Continued

Marketing Your Business Using Used and New Phone Words Starting with 1300 Numbers

Business owners are happy to learn that they can make use of phone words to market their business with. Even though there are numerous phone numbers they could make use of, 1300 numbers have a prominent place with Australian business … Continued

1300 numbers to increase market share

The use of 1300 numbers is therefore ideal to businesses wishing to improve their image and marketing strategies in the regions that they are active in. The cost implications for customers in the local area makes this the ideal tool for the … Continued

What is the benefits of using 1300 numbers for your organisation?

The main benefits of 1300 numbers is the fact that your number automatically convey the message to the customer as well as a means to make contact. This huge advantage implies that customers can recall and remember the number of the company … Continued

What is a 1300 phonewords number service?

The use of 1300 numbers make life easier for the clients and research has proved that when someone has to call a number where the various options include Phonewords the likely hood of them calling this is considerably higher that calling the … Continued

The two ways in which 1300 numbers can be secured.

The 1300 numbers introduced is owned and issue by the Australian Government and the control is vested with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Although payment of the premium fee does not give the company ownership of the number it serves … Continued

How can 1300 numbers make your organisation recognisable to clients?

Trying to cope with a difficult economic climate is reason enough for the Australian business to use every available marketing tool to its best advantage. The effective use of these specialised tools to grow and expand the business comes at … Continued

Where to Find the Best Phone Words For Sale

Any small to medium sized business owner who have been in business for awhile now will tell you hard it is to reach potential customers. What if there was a way where you could easily build a responsive list of … Continued

Are You New to Phone Words?

You may have stumbled upon or even heard a radio commercial talking about phone words for sale. As business owner this concept might be totally new to you. But, you are willing to find out how having phone words can … Continued

Safeguarding Your Business Through Phone Number Names

Equipping your business with unique phone number names will help ensure that you safeguard your business. Other business owners who are looking to use the same name will have to do some extra research to find a suitable alternative to … Continued

Getting Your Questions Answered About 1300 Numbers

Many Australians have a number of questions to ask with regards to using 1300 numbers. Companies like 1300EasyDial often gets asked a couple of thought provoking questions by consumers. Getting the answers to these will go a long way in … Continued

How to Choose the Right 1300 Number Supplier in Australia

Depending on your business requirements as small business owner, the process in setting up either 1300 or 1800 numbers can become quite complex. Often times government bodies make the whole process more complicated due to a whole lot of features … Continued

Put a Smile on Your Customer’s Dial with 1300 Numbers

It is easy to put a broad smile on your customer’s face through using 1300 Numbers. Whether you are a franchise or small business owner doing business in Australia, always keep in mind that the success of your business depends … Continued

Using Phone Names as Your Exclusive Marketing Weapon

Thanks to phone names, Australian small business owners now have a marketing weapon. That’s right! They can now use phone names as telephone numbers following the popular 1300 numbers. If you have a travel agency for instance, your number could … Continued

Why You Should Care to Use Phone Number Names When in Australia

Have you ever thought of turning your business name into your phone number? Phone number names could just be what you’re looking for. Why settle for a long string of digits when the last few numbers of your phone line … Continued

Phone Words Help to Generate Sales in Australia

One thing that can be said about phone words, it helps one heck of a lot to generate sales. In fact, it is one of the latest buzz words being used in Australia. Using 1800 or 1300 numbers followed by … Continued

Increase Your Market Reach With Phone Names

Did you know that more than 30,000 businesses in Australia have phone names? What is more is that the number is steadily increasing every day. Just recently, more than a good couple of advertisers in good old Oz are now … Continued

Why You Should be Securing Your 1300 Numbers

There is reason to believe that every small business owner should get themselves 1300 numbers. It is the latest trend that has many a business owner talking. You will find it to be cost effective and an innovative way to … Continued

How Phone Words Can Be Music To Your Ears

Attracting business from Australian customers is really easy with phone words. You simply have to encode your phone numbers with easy to remember words where you would use matching letters to digits on your phone dial. More and more owners … Continued

Benefits of Using Phone Words

By using a phone word like 1300 SERVICE your customers are more likely to call you first which gives you the edge over your competition. As a business owner you can be sure that people would call you more often than not … Continued

Get Your Own 1300 Number

Get your own 1300 number Every Australian business owner should have 1300 numbers. Not only will it enhance your business image, but it will increase the number of callers who are interested in doing business with you. Companies offering these … Continued