Take your phone number with you using phone number names


Personalising your business number is effective and profitable too. Not only is it easy to remember, but phone names generate additional revenue for your business

How it Works


It is super easy. A phone number name is a smart way to help your customers recall what your business is about. It works the same as a standard phone number. The only difference is that you will now dial numbers that correspond with the letters of the phone name on your keypad.


In other words, you will dial 1300 SERVICE (1300 737 842) Nothing could be easier!

Presenting Your Phone Number Name


Essentially, you will create two or more words when setting up your own personalised phone number.


When presenting your business phone number using phone names, you may want to make it easier by writing the full number alongside the actual word so your customers can phone you without too much trouble.


All too often, consumers are overwhelmed with information coming from various sources such as billboards when driving, watching TV, browsing the web, listening to the radio, etc.


This is why you should ease their burden by making it simple for your customers to recall your phone number by converting your business line into phone number names.

What it Will Mean for Your Business


Research has revealed that businesses using phone names experience a huge increase in revenues. In fact, consumers being surveyed, reported that it is up to 14 times easier to recall a phone number where the business owner made use of a phone number name.


Imagine the possibilities. Having a phone number name in place will drive more calls to your phone than you could possibly handle. This means bigger returns for your business.


Even when you utilise a cell phone, you can be reached whenever your customers have a need to get hold of you. Potential clients are very impressed with this innovative approach to business. It certainly helps them to retain information much easier than ever before.


What is more, they can easily pass the phone name to their friends without having to first lookup the contact details of your business. This is the power of word of mouth advertising. Did you know that this form of advertising had the highest recall rate at a whopping 93 percent?


This is great news for small to medium sized business owners. Particularly business owners who are out of office on a regular basis.

What are the Benefits?


Business owners will be pleased to discover what a phone number name can do for them. This is how you too will benefit:


  • No number changes ever. It does not matter where you go
  • No hardware required, which makes it easier to relocate your business
  • Online call reports available to analyse the frequency of your calls and keep track where the caller originated from
  • Manage your online account from anywhere
  • Access your stats in a safe and secure manner by logging into a secure site
  • Promote your product or service using phone number names
  • Experience a new level of connectivity due to mobility and accessibility


One thing is for sure, phone number names will change the way people engage with business owners and each other. It will infiltrate various aspects of modern day society in ways unimaginable.


The success of phone names is not to be taken lightly. People will feel like they know you and would want to do business with you as they know they can trust corporations who make use of phone number names. Get on board today by calling 1300 EASY DIAL right away!